Friday, January 15, 2010

Request for help - Haiti

Dear everyone,

As you know, Haiti has been struck by disaster. The 7.2 earthquake has devastated an already desperate country. Who knew when I made travel arrangements that I would be here for such an incredible event! I'm familiar with earthquakes in California, and I survived Loma Prieta. This is different, however. These people are not familiar with the culture of earthquakes. They don't expect them, prepare for them or recover from them well.

We are in North Haiti, far away from the worst destruction. We are all safe here, mainly waiting as news trickles in about our friend & loved ones who may or may not have made it. There is much sadness all around. Right now, we spend time making calls and sending emails so that we can catch a flight out of here. Some flights have been cancelled, others changed. As we prepare to leave, others here are making plans to take relief to those who need it most in southern Haiti.

I'm writing to request help. Many of you may have chosen to give to some international organization already. There are many good choices of those who respond quickly to disasters. If you like, you can give money to Bethlehem Ministry for disaster relief. It's the organization that I'm traveling with and have worked with for decades. The Haitian people we know here are able to get around, gathering supplies to take to those who need it most. We can deliver food, fuel and other supplies, and we have ways to get where we need to go. Our goal is to raise $200,000 for relief.

Last year, when a hurricane devastated Haiti, we were able to do the same thing. Money specifically earmarked for Disaster Relief is used to gather supplies available, transport them and deliver them throughout an established network of people. Haitians have a heart to help their fellow countrymen, and we support them in this effort.

If you choose to give, you can go to and click on "donate". Earmark your donation for "disaster relief".

Thanks for your consideration. Also, thanks to those who have sent emails. I will try to send out updates as I can.

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