Friday, January 15, 2010

Haiti - Day 2

Last night, I brushed my teeth using a cup and some bottled water, since I can't drink from the tap here.

This morning, the roosters started crowing at 4:30. But I didn't get out of bed til 7. No shower this morning, the water is too cold. I'll wait til this evening, to see if the "sun" has warmed it up at all. There's no sun. It's still raining, but there is light all around.

Earthquake hits. Here is my first message out so people will know I'm safe: "I'm fine. The buildings endured with no problem. All is ok. No problem. Except we will be talking about this for a long time..."

After 1 hour:

We have electricity and other amenities. I've sent emails to people to let them know we are alive, well, safe, etc. We learned that the home of our hostess's parents collapsed. They were not in the house, but they did lose the dog and 7 pups they were raising. We learned from a relative that the hospital collapsed, bridges are down and its hard to get around.

There are many people we have yet to hear from, and the phones are down. Many people go to bed, wondering what the next day will bring.

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