Friday, January 15, 2010

Haiti - Day 3

We are trying to figure the best way to use our time. The earthquake hit, but phones are out, there is no internet, and there is nothing we can do, really. There are some who wanted to paint the clinic, but there is no paint.

1/13 11:00 am email sent out to family member:

Internet access is spotty. We will try to get word out as we can.

We continue to be safe. We were able to see a few patients in the clinic today, but the rain keeps most people away. Aside from the earthquake, the 2+ weeks of rain is the biggest news. Haitians just aren't used to such consistent rain. It has shut things down. And now, the biggest frustration is that people continue to not know much about what is going on, if everyone they love is safe, etc.

We have gotten lots of emails, letters and concerns. We are rich with friends, and feel very grateful for that right now!

We are hearing messages here and there of the damage and the effects it is having on the country. I'm sure you all in the States are hearing more. Rest assured that the trouble is far from us! The banks are closed down. Phone service is out, and internet access is spotty. But, we had a warm delicious lunch, are playing games as we wait for the rain to stop, and talking and getting to know people well.

I saw a couple of pics from yesterday. The presidential palace flattened. I heard from others the UN compound was destroyed. Many lives lost. Very, very sad. And hospital, bridges, etc. Send more via email, because web isn't working too well (don't ask me how email goes out but web doesn't come in...)

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