Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Twitter Poetry

My brother loves poetry. So when a new kind of poetry comes onto the scene, he had to share it with me.

Twitter Poetry, thanks to @pentametron who mines twitter for iambic pentameter, then finds phrases that go together. It makes for a good read!

Here is an sample of the feed from 4/17/13:

@ZaynM_RP     And find a girl and tell her she's the one
@nataliebosiacki     This is the perfect weather for a run

@whatever_luh     Shall spend a minute looking at the sky
@Ralph87_     I am a really jealous person... why?
@MulhernFM     In Denver after many years away
@fruit_gums     I'm ready for another holiday

@MrCraigButler     I haven't owned a pencil case in years
@MeganSchoen4     I always eat in intro to careers...

@Yonis_R2I     Hope szczesny has a breakdown on the pitch.
@TaylorPebbles     You ruined everything. Conniving bitch.

@taylor_galek33     Home early for the Awkward. marathon
@Gabe_Saenz     Too many social networks going on!

@ynganid     @be_nimble morals #complicated_stuff
@devnnv     Sometime, potential isn't good enough

@elainelainee     I really wish the sky were clear tonight..
@ShitNajeeSays   This bringing us into a twitter fight.
@MohitPatel094  It's only Tuesday. Gotta power through.
@madeleinewhite7    It really is a million dollar view
@izzati_innania   Selena Gomez has a pretty face
@salbawa   Another day, Another paper chase!