Monday, November 28, 2011

Spelling lists, hairy people and poverty

My son has weekly spelling words and must use them to make sentences in his 4th grade class. This recent homework assignment caught my attention. (Note: all spelling and punctuation is preserved from his original writing.)

1. My dad has gear to plant in the garden.
2. Usually Native Americans have spears to catch fish.
3. I like to write with a perfectly sharp pencil.
4. Link was really weary after he fought Ganondorf.
5. William cheered loudly when I won a baseball game.
6. In geometry they use squares alot.
7. Some people are really hairy.
8. Lots of friends have a golden heart.
9. Some movies have really weird endings.
10. Alot of countrys starve and I don't like it.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Passing it on at Overlap 11

Here is a video of me telling a story. Actually, it's me bragging about my kids. The setting is Overlap 11, a retreat for design professionals interested in using design skills in other settings, such as business, education, etc. Saturday night is Moth Night, when we each tell a 3-5 minute story. Mine was about how we can pass things on to our kids and how that results in them passing things on to us.

Pictures of the visuals I used will come later.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


(Written by my youngest, who is 9)

I am an awesome boy that loves science
I wonder if I could fly
I hear factors saying learn me
I see science floating in my head
I want Ms. M to be my teacher forever
I am an awesome boy that loves science

I pretend I can fly through the sky
I feel the wind as I fly
I touch the air when I soar through the air
I worry about my grades
I cry when Ms. M is gone
I am an awesome boy that loves science

I understand nobody is perfect
I say everybody gets an A+
I dream I can fly
I try to be nice
I hope I will be famous
I am an awesome boy that loves science