Sunday, April 6, 2014


This twitter poster is awesome. He's written an algorithm that detects tweets adhering to iambic pentameter, and pairs them up for small poetry lines. I've  posted a few lines from January 3, 2014.

*@O_gentil*   I will a live in yellow submarine.
*@kiera2tall*  Fresh out the shower feeling squeaky clean.

*@AleexDirienzo*  My little sister has the loudest snore.
*@SavannahRuhl*  Not even gonna bother anymore.

*@liamcross_*  I never get invited anywhere.
*@GaurdGirl*    I really want a giant teddy bear.

*@AdrianaSophia_*  I'm always hungry. Im an endless pit.
*@MaisieJohnston*   love how luisa doesn't give a s**t.

*@xChops*   Not everyone deserves a second chance.
*@PaulaStone2*  I'm so excited for the snowball dance.

Read a few of the latest, generative twitter poetry: @pentametron. After a while, the laughter becomes contagious.

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