Monday, March 23, 2009

The feast of an inspiring conference

I've just returned from a professional conference at the Information Architecture Summit 2009 (#ias09). Now, my head is bursting with possiblities of what might be next, but I must get back to the regular diet of everyday work, incorporating what I've learned:

1. It helps to have a blog and twitter, according to Whitney Hess.
2. We are all User Experience Designers (we used to call ourselves Information Architects).
3. Working as a consultant is risky, demanding, and liberating.
4. Cindy Chastain is an awesome presenter.
5. Storytelling has a lot to teach information architects. (See more)
6. Ducks can be trained to march in a line to and from the lobby fountain at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis.
7. IA's have something to learn from slime molds, according to Kate Rutter.

The next anticipated banquet will be the IAI's IDEA Conference. It's inspirational from my brain all the way down to my toes.

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